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    Here is a good chance for you to learn a lot more about the mechanics of a mower. If you are already writing it off, why not start taking it apart. See how it works and see if you can find what is wrong with it.

    Any mechanical knowledge you gain will help you the rest of your life.
    That is EXACTLY what I do. Everything I have the breaks I fix myself now, if I can fix it then GREAT if I can't fix it OR if I can replace it cheaper than the fix then I tear it down, put all the good parts on the parts shelf and toss the rest. It saved my butt earlier this year when I had a 40 year old tiller carb on the shelf after my chipper crapped out on me.

    Carb problems? I am not a tech and I cant figure it out, scrap it, grab the old carb off the shelf, bolt it on and get back to work.
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