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    I'm going to be buying another mower for next year and just needing some suggestions. More than likely I'm not gonna buy new if I can find one that hasnt been worn out. Anybody had any dealings with the john deere stand up models? How are these things on hills? We have a mix of steep hills and large yards (about 1-2 acr on average) so, if they are not all that effective on steep hills I'm just going with a standard rider x turn. Any suggestions?

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    I have been doing my homework on the standers - comparing build - speed - what pumps and wheel motors and what engines and how they handle on all terains, I have narrowed it down to 2 standers

    Wright zx 52" ( Wright standers have been around the longest and are built very good)

    Scag V-ride - I have a Scag Turf Tiger and it cuts everything I throw at it. My turf tiger runs and cuts like a raped ape.

    Both I have tested and am pleased with both. Just have to decide which one wish I could get both.

    Hope this helps


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      I've heard alot good things about scag standers. I really havent heard much on john deere standers although, john deere has a rep. I'm trying to eliminate using a self repel as much as possible, it has killed me on alot of jobs as far as production. People that have reviewed alot of standers also say that, they are as productive as your standard zero turn rider on flat ground but, fatigue being the big drawback.

      I'm really leaning toward a stander.


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        If you end up buying new, see if they have a demo mower left. You'll get the same warranty as if it were new but at a lower price.
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          Nice, I sure didnt know that. Thanks for the reply.


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            The Deere standers are upgraded Great Dane Super Surfers. The Super Surfer was designed by Dane Scag and sued by Wright for copyright infringement. I own a Super Surfer and love it.

            As for hills though a wide walk behind is best.


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              My ExMark has made me a great deal of money. I love it you need to go check it out on the website. I use it on a number of apartments.


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                You should get a new toro grandstand hey I'll give you a link to the toro grandstand enjoy!

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                  Scag Is The Best

                  I already went through what you are doing,Scag is the best hands down, i demoed all of the standers and the v-ride had the most power with the tightest hydralic system which allows it to hold hills alot better. When i demoed all of them i took them to the same property that has a steep hill and 3 foot grass along woods which the scag held the hill the best and just chopped that 3 foot grass right down to a clean cut the first pass while shooting the clippings farther than the grandstand or walker. i also found that the scagg packed the side bagger alot tighter which allows u to mow more before having to empty. Scag also comes with a striping kit built in to all of its mowers which leaves your accounts looking better than any other JOE out there.
                  If you are going to be a first time scag buyer than you are a fool to not go with the v-ride, they have special low interest rates for first time buyers. i choose to purchase a 36' scag vride to increase my production due to have many yards with fences. i upgraded from a old school green lesco(which are bullet proof and still runs on first pull) and i saw that lawns that would take me an hour were down to 35 mins, aka this machine saved me this year with going from 42 accounts to 98 accounts. And dont buy a demo to save a couple hundred bucks man its just not worth it, you never know what idiot they lent it out to, i know i kinda beat on all of them that i tested just to see what they had so you have to figure everyone else did the same.

                  What i bought

                  Scag 36" v-ride
                  14 hp kaiwasaki
                  Side bagger
                  Cost $7,281
                  0 down(depends on credit)
                  2.99% over 5 years
                  monthly payment of $132
                  Dont think you can get a better mower for $132 a month- Thats one account
                  This purchase made me realize its worth spending the extra couple bucks on what makes you make your money quicker
                  Hope this helps


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