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  • Leafcleanup

    Hi guys it's me! I am going to do leaf cleanup with my john deere LX280. I made a homemade mulching kit that mulches the leaves to shreds. It only is a piece of metal at the end of the discharge. Very good for rider mowers and push mowers that do not have a mulching shield. Try it sometime!

    Travis: owner of Travis' lawn care

    (Making your lawn look the best!)

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    Theres more to a mulch kit then that. If your deck was meant to mulch it will have pieces of metal that go around each blade. If your deck is wide open with no resistance to the leaves, blocking off the chute will not work great.


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      Travis you should take some pictures and show us what you made.

      Also, made take some before and after pictures of areas you mowed that had leaves with your mulching kit being used and another area where it wasn't to show a difference.
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