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    Ill throw in my 2 cents here, When I saw your first post and your business name I could not help but form a negative opinion...I am not being disrespectful when I say that but I don't see how a potential customer would see your ad and not think it's all about money and not customer service, We are all in business to make a living and yes making money is at the top of the list...However, a customer has to feel that they are getting the best service out there for the money they are spending....

    If you are serious about this business I wish you the best of luck....



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      My business name is not mowin4dollas. My business name is Reliance Lawn Care. This name is based off Isaiah 50:10 where he talks about relying in The Lord for all things.


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        I think if you just step by step slowly scale things up as your customer base grows, you should do fine.

        Make sure you don't let business get in the way of your schooling now. There will be plenty of time in the future to grow as big as you want to.
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