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Rainy day question (hydros)

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  • Rainy day question (hydros)

    Next season I'd like to finally invest in a ztr. Now my budget will be pretty low so I'm definitely gonna go the used route. I know NOTHING about hydros so I don't know what to look for as far as wear on the pumps go.

    For example if I go to look at a ztr how can I make sure the hydros are in good strong working order? Are there certain signs or sounds I should be looking for to indicate something is not right.

    Another maybe even dumber question ( again pardon my ignorance on the matter). Is there a way to check for problems with the hydros if you can't start the machine? I ask this because I sometimes go to equipment auctions and many times people will do things to the machines so the next guy looking at it can't start it.

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    You cant check much if it doesnt start.

    Look into ebay. I bought a ZTR for $1250 and a ZT stander for $795 this year. You have some protection with ebay.

    The hydros sometimes will whine, pull to one side, if there in need of servicing. This could be just a adjustment or the beginning sign of failure. You can check for leaks, might just be a hose. Check the fluid. Either way its only about $450 a hydro. If you get a good enough deal on the mower then it shouldnt be a problem to fix.

    What auction do you plan on going to? Theres one in a week with a woods mower with a blower and vacuum. I dont even want the mower but I do like the attachments.

    Including the trailer and the honda. I paid $2600 for all this.


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      Thanks for the info Sect, yeah I figured checking the hoses and oil was a good start but knowing about the whining and pulling are definitely good tips cause I don't know sh*t when it comes to them.

      I usually check out the davis auction here in prospect. (in my area)Never really anything good mower wise but even though i'm broke I like to check them out and see what things go for. Petroski (sp) is having a auction coming up soon. They always have a ton of stuff there. Think i got a flier with that mower on it.

      My pops once picked up a full loaded ferris ztr there with all the bells and whistles, huge machine with collection system. He got it for like $900 then fixed a pump and sold it for a $4,000. This is before my mowing days. Wish he had not sold that now. haha


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        Yeah its at Petrowski, Ill be there. The auctions are hit or miss I seen a timecutter sell for $1800, a three wheeled scag for $400, and a brand new kubota for $7600. I wouldve bought that scag if it wasnt like 30 ft long.

        I havent went to the Davis auction since its the other side of the state but I thought about it a few times.

        Just one hydro isnt the end of the world. If you need a wheel motor also then the cost of fixing it doubles. If you need to do both sides then your going to spend. For the most part the machines are pretty solid and most fixes arent bad when considering the value of the machine. A good comparison is the residential ZTR's. You can buy them for $1000 but it cost a $1000 to fix a hydro since its integrated. These hydros only last a few hundred hours also. A commercial hydro is almost guaranteed for a few thousand hours. I have never seen two fail at once either.

        Heres a picture of the woods mower. I dont need it but I been looking for a trac vac for my ztr with no luck. I might be able to get this for the same price. The snow blower is just a bonus.


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          Damn man, I didn't see that picture before. You can sure find the deals! Yeah used is the way to go. I guess it's only a problem for people that can't work on their equipment. I've always had used equipment and most of it has lasted a lot longer then I ever expected it to. If i had to bring stuff to the shop every time something happened there's no way I could ever pull this off.

          Yeah that's the same reason I haven't been out to Petrowski often. It's just a long ride when your pockets are empty and your just going to watch. Although the few times I've gone it's like a wonderland of used equipment. Davis is hit or miss. Most of the time it's lots of old ****ty equipment thats been through hell and back but once in a while there's some good stuff. They're good for trucks though. A lot of fleet trucks from utility companies and such. It's alot smaller of an auction in comparison to Petrowski.


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            Hahaha yeah those 3 wheelers are huge. Seen them come up on craigslist a lot. Those things are just too big for my properties. It's like driving a train through someones yard.


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