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What pushmower you guys using??

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    Thanks for the tip guys.

    I started noting the time on the hour meter when I filled it from empty.

    Wed - 11.3 hrs
    Thurs - 12.8 hrs
    Fri - 14.2 hrs


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      1 hour and a half for a tank.... Its definitely getting to much gas. Had the same float problem with a brand new subaru engine.


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        My Toro was on clearance for $500, is easier to use, has a Honda engine, and I only need to remove/sharpen ONE blade.

        what u think will have a better cut cut 2 blades against one Honda wins

        dedicated to u hedge

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          Most of our mowers here have 4 swing back blades. Not many contractors buy Honda's any more, because the Sp models don't catch wet grass, since they stuffed the design and made the rear shoot too small. The handle bar height is also too low.
          Most engines and parts are now made in China, including Honda.
          I use a Rover over here, (a former Australian brand, now Chinese) with a Briggs 850 on it, but now the new ones come out with a Chinese 197cc engine on it, and seems pretty good. Chinese have improved quality vastly over the last 10 years.
          Give it ten more years and everything will be made in India, as wages in China have tripled in the last 5 years.


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