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    My dozer started out just like that, now its parked and rotting. At first it would burn oil, smoke a little in the morning then be cool the rest of the day. It only got worse and worse until one day I found the oil to be about 1 gallon over full. What happened is the carb is wore out and the gas ran past the needle seat when it was parked and slowly filling the case up with gas. If you keep running it like this "assuming it's the same problem" it WILL grenade the motor, The fix is easy, a $50 carb kit. I have yet to fix mine because it's money and I really have no work for it yet. When it comes time to cut next years fire breaks on my property I will have to get it fixed though.
    that would not be burning oil it would be adding gas to the oil, and again if left long enough it would wash out the cylinder and destroy the engine. Also put a manual fuel shutoff in line and you will fix most of that problem and stop it from happening again.
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      It is burning oil by building to much pressure in the case and creating blow by, the oil that is burning is being introduced into the fuel system via the tube from the breather to the air filter.

      A manual shut off is a GREAT idea, then I would still be able to use it until I get it fixed, right now its just sitting out on my property rotting away until I get the money and ambition to fix it, I think I will run down and get one today, thanks.

      I miss my dozer.
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