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    Ive seen some after market stripers that look like truck mud flaps. What do you guys think of getting heavy duty flaps and sizing them and building a simple bracket to fit a mower? Could get out of it much cheaper than buying striper(money is very tight at the moment). Do you guys think this would work? Any experiences with anything like this?

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    The guy I used to work for uses this method. They work pretty good.

    I'm going over to his shop to get my mower done within the next week or two. I can post pics to help you out, but I can't guarantee a time frame. It's lookin like it won't be until next weekend or after.


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      What, like this?


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        I did that on mine and it works OK! The stripes show up and its fairly cheap to make but, you have to be careful not to get it hung up on trees, shrubs, etc. I finally went and just bought a factory one that fits right behind the back tires and it works so much better. Not saying you shouldn't make one but I would save up and get the factory one, they really work better and if it's like mine its springloaded and pushes the grass down wayyyy better!!!


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          I was looking at this site that sells heavy duty semi flaps. They are 3/8" thick. I was thinking og getting 2 and mounting them like Pine did on that scag. Ive also looked into a brush set up too. J Deere makes a brush. I think that would be easy to set something up too.


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            I think Im going to make one. Ive seen them made from pvc mounted to the back of the deck to a heavy broom mounted to the rear of the mower.Also looked into heavy mud flaps. I would think one being mounted to the back of the mower would be more beneficial seeing as how the deck gets raised sometimes. I think the heavy thick bristled broom looks like a good idea. I guess if you used bigger pvc and filled it with sand that would work too. Seems easy enough, just fabricate a couple of brackets. Most mowers have a couple of holes on each side of the frame in the rear. Would be cheap enough just to check out and see how good it works. Ill post pics of the process and final product.