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    I've just started out with my own lawncare company. I have 25 accounts that I service twice a month.
    I'm looking for a new walk behind self propelled mower. I do not like the Snapper bagging system, so please don't suggest Snapper.
    The Honda 190cc with nexite deck is one I'm considering, even though its not commercial grade. I have also looked at Husqvarna mowers, and a Graveley commercial grade but its really heavy. Weight is an issue, as I'm old and have some back problems.

    Any reviews, preferences, or advice? Is the dual blade on hondas really good? Are the husqvarna mowers good? I'm leaning towards the Honda for $699. The graveley was $649.

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    That honda mower is good and fast. I had one for a while. Weight wise its about the same as other self propelled mowers. The problem is if your using it as your main mower? I'm not sure how that is going to work out.


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