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Blades Sharpened - How Do They Look?

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  • Blades Sharpened - How Do They Look?

    These are 3 separate blades for a 21" Toro Super Recycler by the way.
    Comments welcome...
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    These are 3 separate blades for a 21" Toro Super Recycler by the way.
    Comments welcome...[/QUOTE]

    Yup they look like Lawn Mower Blades!!! LOL

    What do you use to sharpen them and how often (hours)?

    When I sharpen mine I try to keep the whole angle not just the tips, I just think it gives the grass a cleaner cut, but that is just my option as I am a newbie.


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      I'll give details after I've heard more comments - good or bad.


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        I guess I never said what I do. I have a 8" grinder that I use and lightly clean up with a file. I sharpen/ change out every 20 or so hours of use on my 54" zero turn and switch out my walk behind every 2 weeks I would guess 10 hours or so. Some times it will change if I have an odd clean up job or feel they have taken more abuse then normal.

        Input would be appreciated!

        I am actually doing them tomorrow and will try to remember to take pic.


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          67 views and not one other person has ANYTHING to say about what you've looked at?

          Teh interwebs must be broken.


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            I need to do mine. I normally have it done with the oil change but noticed it needs it by looking ay grass I cut. Thwy are gator blades anyone even know how to sharpen them? I was just going to get an extra set and slap them on in the mean time.
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              I cant really see the leading edge profile from the pictures , and to me thats the most important part .I dont leave my blades looking like those though ,my final cuts are the full width of the bevel in a straight line ,then I run them on my synthetic wire wheel to remove the burrs ,not sure if it makes any difference [my method probably shortens the life of the blade if anything] ,its just the way I have always done them .


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                OK. I can't take it any longer and I can't believe I haven't been flooded with "that looks like CRAP" posts.

                I DID NOT SHARPEN THESE.

                I PAID my dealer to sharpen them.

                They look like heck to me, but honestly, I don't know what a good, sharp blade should look like.
                I've only been doing this since last year essentially, and all I've done is use a file on them. That said, I never put 6 different angles on one blade. Sheesh! To me, these look like something I would have done the first time I tried using a grinder.

                The dealer used a grinder of some sort. I did see him balance between "grinds", but I dunno... that just looks like a bad job to me.

                Am I wrong?


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                  To be honest, I wouldnt have paid for them... Id have demanded them to be resharpened and a new blade to go with them for the crappy job.

                  The blade should be sharpened full width, not just the tips... SAME ANGLE/PITCH, not some half assed hack job.

                  My 4 year old could honestly do better. No offense...

                  But if my dealer ever brought those out to me, Id laugh them right back to the grinder after I called the owner over to look at the hack job they did.

                  Correct me if I am wrong, but looks like the "blued" one of them as well, which will make it lose the temper and not hold an edge more than one yard...


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                    yep he is correct thats a hack job all day long...i would take them back to the shop and show the owner and demand a re do on them for sure ...
                    { gettin after the green}...


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                      I think they look pretty decent actually, as long as the balance is correct it should do the job well!


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                        They look like crap to me I would not be happy if I paid someone to sharpen them and thats what I got back


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                          It looks like someone used an angle grinder on those not a blade grinder, I would agree that the angles seem a little off and they should have taken them back farther but I have seen much worse. As for the tempering they are push mower blades they will blue easily if you expect a dealer never to do that you should not have them sharpen a lightweight blade.
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                            I was going to ask how you check for balance on the blade after sharpening, but then I saw you had a dealer do it. But then.... I thought it still might be a good idea to double check them.

                            I found some pics of nice sharpened edges to help with comparing.

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                              They will cut fine for a while by only sharpening the cutting edge until you have lost the angle completely with only sharpening the cutting edge. Then they will cut like crap and no shop will take the time required to sharpen them correctly. They will tell you it's time for a new blade and you would only have gotten a 1/4 of the life the blade should have gotten.

                              Good for the shop, bad for the user. :-)
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