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Ethanol free fuel. What brand is best.

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  • Ethanol free fuel. What brand is best.

    I try to use ethanol free fuel .
    Does anyone else do the same?
    or does it really matter. Also if there
    is any benefit to different brands let me know.

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    There is only one place around here that sells it, but it's 25 cents higher. I just use that ethenol treatment


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      Ethanol is hygroscopic. It absorbs water. When water enters most small two- or four- stroke engines, it causes havoc. Think about all the ways that water could enter your fuel supply chain and it gets a little uncomfortable.

      Similarly, E-10 (up to 10% ethanol unleaded petroleum) and the like have some negative effects on some kinds of fuel lines. Higher ethanol concentrations have larger effect.

      Bluntly, if you can find 95 octane fuel without ethanol, you're doing a good thing to protect your income and your machinery. 98 is OK, but there is no real value for your business - especially as it costs more.


      Cheers - OziGardenGuy.
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        from what I understand the additives are added when they add ethanol so I would not think you have any difference in brands of non-ethanol fuels. But that is just what my fuel delivery guy says so it could be wrong.
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          Ethanol absorbs water. Petrol/gasoline does not.

          Ethanol is chemically different to petrol/gasonline and has a different effect on fuel lines, and on other parts of the fuel delivery system.

          Additives may or may not relieve those unpleasant symptoms.

          YMMV. (Your Mileage May Vary).

          At least, be conscious of risks, and if you are possessed of a scientifically enquiring mind, go look up the useful data from sources other than the fuel supplier's site. Your Google-fu will help you.

          Cheers - GardenGuy.
          sigpic Lawn mowing, lawn care and gardening services on Sydney's North Shore.


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            My grandfather has alway been very knowlagable about these sorts of things. I was having problems with my small weedeater and he told me part of the problem was prbably the fuel i was using. I was just getting the cheapest gas i could find. I swiched over to non ethenal gas and getting the higher octain. I also add a little sea foam to my mix. I figure if i run good product through my equipment in the long run it will save me money. Also full synthetic oil. After a bit of tuning and the new gass it seemed to run alot better. All of his stuff always runs so well so i figured he knows what hes talking about. Hope this helps alittle.


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