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Used scag 36 advantage????

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  • Used scag 36 advantage????

    hey guys jst wondering what you guys think about scag 36 advantage?? I am looking for my frst cmmercial mower and dont want to make a mistake. I want to know if this mower will handle half acre and less with great results. I found a used one asking 3950.00 or best offer. I want good quality cuts for residental and good cuts for commercial. And i want it to do it in a timely manner. What kind of expierence you people have with this mower?

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    It all depends on "IT'S" condition. I can say Ex mark mowers are great and suggest on getting one but how do i know the previous owner didnt run it into a lake!? We can say yeah reviews are good yatta yatta, but go test it out. Thats your only sure fire way of knowing, and for $ 4 Grand, you better test it out! Best of luck!!


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      Wow. Is it "brand new"?

      I don't know what they run new, but I just got a deal on a brand new Ferris 36" for $4,750.


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        I bought a brand nw on for 3350 1 month ago, it has the kawi engine !!!!


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          Caddi what kind of mower did u get?


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