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    I ordered a set of Oregon blades for my Toro and I've got to say that I recommend them over OEM. The OEM blades just do not hold an edge and the tips round out after one day's mowing. Even without scuffing the blades on a rock they just dull too quickly.

    On the other hand the Oregon blades seem to hold a good edge for up to two weeks and sharpening them takes a few swipes and you're done.

    I don't know if they are harder than the Toro OEM blades but I'm switching to Oregon for regular mowing and I'll keep the 8 sets of Toro blades for leaf season.

    (The reason I switched to Oregon blades was simply to avoid going to my local Toro dealer ever again. The prices for 2 blades swings from $30 to $46 depending on who rings you up and I'm pretty much done with them and their hard sales techniques.)
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    you have 9 sets of blades WOW
    I always like Oregon products I thinking there better than oem


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      I'll have to see if they sell blades for my Super Recycler.

      I don't know if it's because it's a residential mower, but the blades don't seem to stay sharp very long.

      FYI, the two OEM blades for my Ferris cost $60.


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