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    I am looking to buy a used mower. I have a 48" exmark turf tracer that i bought new two years ago, I think I will most likely get another one of those cuz that is what I am used to and I like it a lot. I also like the wright stander, but know nothing about it. Is it a good mower? I am looking to spend around $2000. There isn't anything too good on craigslist, do any owners on here have any mowers they are looking to sell?

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    what are your likes dislikes and things of the exmark mowers? i am looking into buying an exmark pioneer e series with a 52" deck and also the exmark vantage in a 36" deck. the exmark vantage is also a stand on mower like the wreight but i think it would be better because not only is it a stand on but you can also fold up the platform and use it as a walk behind also. i am also chosing that route because if you stick with one brand of equipment it will be easier to service.


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      I like exmark a lot. I have no complaints or problems with their machines. If I could afford the vantage stand on I would have had it by now, but I have bought two trailers, a truck, a dumptruck, mowers, and dozens of power tools within the past two and a half years so thats why I need a cheaper buy on a fourth mower. Speaking with sticking with the same brand of equipment is a very good point. A lot of companies don't follow that route. I have eight different types of Stihl equipment and that is all i will ever buy as far as power equipment. I think it is a big advantage to have by matching your equipment.
      If i were you, I think I would spend the extra 500-1000 and get the vantage in a 52''. I see the pioneer as more of a residential mower, somewhere in between the quest and lazer.


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        yeah i love my stihl! so i should go ahead and save up for the lazer instead? the reason why i want a bigger rider and the smaller vantage is so that i can use the ventage for small yards as well as hills and ditches


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          Aside from having equipment that is all the same color scheme, I'm interested in hearing some actual advantages to be had by "matching your equipment".

          Sorry, but I'm not selling my Ferris. It's only got 9.9 hours on it and it's a keeper.
          (I was looking at the 36" Turf Tracer, but it was $550 more than my Ferris and over my $5,000 limit - nice mower though)


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            Idc about the color scheme I was referring to like one brand of equipment would be easier to service because you only have to know about that brand


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