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  • Lesco 48" walk behind

    At the start of the season my hydro pumps went out on my 52" Exmark. Low on cash I was able to trade so other stuff up even for a brand new 48" Lesco walk behind (also hydro). After only ever using Exmark's I don't have any experience with this brand nor do I know anyone that has one. My problem is first thing in the morning when the grass is still wet the clippings build up under the deck and start cutting horribly. On an average yard I'll have to clean the bottom of the deck when I'm finished but on a larger property I might have to stop once or twice to clean it which is time consuming and frustrating first thing in the morning. Does anybody have any experience with this or a solution? Also I am not running a mulching kit on it. I tried locating some mulching blades for it this past weekend to see if that would help or make the problem worse with no luck. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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    well i dont have a hydro lesco but i do have a ( Lesco 48" belt driven walk behind ) and what the lesco mowers like to do is clump up grass under neath the mower the best thing that i found is to use your ( blower ) when you are done in the yard to get it all out and to also not transfer grass clippings to the next yard ( mulching blades ) will not help you in my exp. if you go fast you will get more build up so go in ( 2nd gear ) and you will get less plus parts are hard to find for this mower ( if you are having problems finding a ( 88 1/2 x 5/8 belt ) you can use a ( 89 x 5/8 v-belt ) it works just as good or better )


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      How much of an impact can the baffles play in this? Possibly are they off?
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