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  • Walker MC GHS Question

    Ok so I have a Walker MC with a 36" deck. Walker mowers down here in GA is all I see. If it isn't a Walker it is a Exmark or push mower. Anyways I bought this one used and believe it is a 1996 or 1999. Anyways I have noticed with mine I can't make a 180 degree turn like everyone else without digging the yard up. I am thinking it might be the tires. I have the regular tires like these :

    I am thinking the low profile tire such as these may be the answer? Any thoughts on this?


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    either tire should not make a difference.
    99 times out of a 100 problems like these are the jockey and not the horse.

    if you are tearing up turf you are turning too agressively, just because you can yank those handles in opposite directions and spin on a dime does not you can or should.

    if you are taking it easy and still having issues it may be the drive out of wack and something not working in sync with the hydro's.
    the walkers are great mowers but their drive system is a hydro mechanical type system and there are many more parts to fail and wear.
    the system when funtioning properly is as smooth as it gets but when they get worn after like 5 years they can get sloppy.

    i have had several over the last 22 plus years and they are good mowers but high maintenence.


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      With the type of tires you are showing in your thread you will tear up the grass if you turn too aggressively. I have been using Walkers for 30 years and have found if you put the slick tires on the machines you won't tear up the yard.


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        The tires you have will be the same or better then the lower profile ones your looking at. I agree with dpld on this one, walkers take a little more experience to drive without tearing up ground, and if you have any slop in the system it will be impossible to drive without tearing up ground.
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          Well now that you guys mention the hydro's, when both sticks are in "neutral" it will still slighly roll "stop" the mower I have to pull the left stick back just slighly. Thinking it might need a new spring for the left lever. Maybe it isn't allowing the wheels to roll opposite when making a turn? I will be looking into getting this fixed as I really need to use this mower and make some money. First time Walker owner and would love a new one if I can prove that it is useful


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            I love the walker mower just cant afford one yet but i have been watching the videos on them for years now.


            this is a playlist on youtube that can help you on the issue if it still exists

            you can also order a brochure off the walker website and request a dvd and on part of it in the tour part of the video and assembly they kinda show how to adjust the hydros.


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