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  • Questions about a Exmark

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 2001 Exmark Metro 36". The mower does not have a hour meter but is estimated to have about 700 hours. It looks to be in good condition. The seller says I need to make a reasonable offer and that is where I am stuck. What would be a fair offer?

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    what engine does it have?
    is there a grass catch?
    does the engine idle low ok? they will say it needs carb cleaning but it could be low compression
    how is it in all speeds? (really check 3rd this is the speed most run in)
    Check the oil dipstick if the oil is cooked on
    check the blades/underbody beatup
    check the blade spindles (shake them)
    .......and so on


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      I bought a gravley 36 with a 13 Kawasaki 8 months ago with 108 hours for 700.00


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        I bought a gravley 36 with a 13 Kawasaki 8 months ago with 108 hours for 700.00
        That seems like a fair price for gravely, but exmark is a much higher quality brand.

        What would be a fair offer?
        You can't make a fair offer without trying the machine out and checking it out. Kind of like how you can't buy a car without taking it for a test drive and looking under the hood.


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          Let's just guess that everything is in good condition. What would be a good offer to give at that point? I am planning on going to look at it but have never purchased a machine like this before. I do understand all the variables that lower its value but lets talk about a set value for good condition.


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            not knowing the engine or if it's belt drive or Hydrostatic Drive or if it has a grass catch

            I would say $500 to $1200

            back in Dec I got a 32" sarlo 12.5 kawasaki belt drive with grass catch for $350 runs and drives good


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              To clear things up the mower is belt drive and has a 13 hp kawasaki engine.


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                he is asking $700 for 2005


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