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Looking at Walk Behinds on a Budget

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    I'm not sure what I'll do yet.

    I spent some time on ebay looking at mowers just to get a feel for what tings are selling for. I saw some Toros that were around $1,000, but they looked like they should be in a scrap yard.

    I was doing some research on non-commercial mowers too and the only one's I saw that appear to be available around here are the Cub Cadet, the Troy Built, and the Sears "Professional" - all of which are the EXACT same unit. (except that the Craftsman has a 12.5 hp engine as opposed to the 10.5 hp on the other two - it also has a headlight and runs about $50 more than the others)
    The biggest "plus" with these are that I could finance them for 12-18 months.
    The trouble with buying used is that you can't do that. (except for my dealer's offer to allow me to make payments - but that doesn't help if he has nothing in stock)

    I guess it's going to boil down to whether I decide I can live with a homeowner mower for a season or two, or if I happen upon an unusually good deal on a Toro.

    I'd rather buy from my regular dealer, but maybe I'll check out some other dealers to see what they have available in used mowers.

    Perhaps if I wait, more used mowers will become available as guys buy new units for the upcoming season?


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      I think I've decided - sort of.

      I happened across the Airens walk behind from Home Depot and was reading through the reviews.

      There was something that I read that concerns me. A few people mentioned difficulty on hills - going across, the front wants to roll downhill and they have to fight to keep it straight.
      A few of the larger lawns I have are sloped. They are also the larger lawns that I thought a walk behind would help me cut more quickly.

      I think I'll scrap the "homeowner model" idea entirely. It would probably be OK if I were only mowing flat lots, but there isn't a property in this area that doesn't have at least a portion of the lawn on a hill.

      I think I have three options:

      Buy used.
      HOPE something becomes available that is around $1,000 and isn't beat to hell.

      Buy new.
      HOPE I can get 0% (or near it) financing for 24-36 months.
      MAYBE I can do this - depending on cost of unit.

      Wait until next season.

      ETA: I haven't completely ruled out the Worldlawn unit. I still have some things to look into regarding the Toros and I need to find out how the Worldlawn operates - are the wheels powered independently? I THINK that's part of the issue with the lower quality mowers as far as steering ease and operation on hills are concerned.
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        What's the difference between a fixed deck and a floating deck?
        Aside from the obvious that a floating deck isn't "fixed in place."

        Keeping in mind that I'm looking at either a 32" or 36" unit:

        Would I regret a fixed deck?

        Does a floating deck improve the cut?

        Pros and cons of each would be helpful.


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