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  • Mulching blade?

    As I've said I'm just getting started for a weekend thing, and only have the most basic of equipment. I have a push mower with a bag, gas weed whacked, and a blower. All are craftsman.

    Not sure I want to mess with the bag, and dumping. I think the clippings are heathlier for the lawn anyway.

    But, how important is a "mulching blade?"

    Do blades make that much of a difference?

    For personal use I have always just used what came on the mower and taken a disc grinder to it when it gets a bit dull.

    Thanks again guys and gals!

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    try gator blade for the mower.

    Good price, input the serial number of your mower to get compatable blade.


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      gator is good. Make sure to balance your blades when sharping


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        Bagging is for suckers.

        I only bag when it's needed. Otherwise I mulch. I have one client who insisted on bagging, but he's that way because the last guy "mulched" it when it was too tall, leaving clumps behind and killing the grass off in spots.

        The mower makes a difference as well. I had a Crapsman too, but my Toro Super Recycler blows it away in terms of mulching capabilities.


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          you dont want gator blades on a underpowered mower. It all depends on the mower. I have a older deere that cuts best with low lift blades then my toro does great with high lifts.


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