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    I have a chance to get my hands on a 1999 F350 xl 4x4 V8 Regular cab. Just a BARE bones truck, but thats fine. I had a few questions for you guys...
    #1 Is a V8 powerful enough to pull a trailer with equipment or will it struggle?
    #2 Is a V8 powerful enough to plow?
    #3 Will the locking front hubs be a pain in the ***?
    #4 Would you be concerned with the age... It only has 55k miles and gently used.
    #5 I'm concerned with cab space. Not really a question but would like input..

    Please give me some input about weather or not your would pull the trigger. Would probably be $8-10k.
    The most important question I can think of is do you need this truck or are you just considering it because a deal presented itself?
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      Sorry for the delay, yes a picture would not do much for you guys, not a scratch on it, no sign of rust. as for needing the truck I currently drive a 2010 Jeep wrangler, it has a hitch and I could put some equipment in it but I imagine its not meant to pull equipment all day. I have what I need to get the job done but like I said I have a pretty decent truck opportunity. I am just starting this year and have no idea how fast I will grow if at all. I really appreciate every ones feedback.


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        Here is a picture...Gas.jpg


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          So did you buy it?
          F350 are great trucks, the suspension can handle more than it should and the brakes are over kill.
          the 5.8 is bad on gas but loves to run and will pull just fine (may not be the fastest under load but will do it all day every day) and does not kill trans like the bigger engines (good if you get workers driving)
          I have a 1996 bronco 5.8 plow locking hubs other than mpg love it


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            Still haven't decided, I am struggling to try and start small with no debt, I could trade my jeep in and have money to spare... But I don't want to do that if my business doesn't take off. Part of me wants to jump right in and do it, part of me says be cautious. I have a 21" mower that certainly doesn't need a F350, but if business takes off it would be a fantastic starter truck. I could haul mulch, and clippings all day and pull a trailer and push a blade. I will know soon enough if I need it and I don't think it's going anywhere "family owned". How do you like plowing in a Bronco? I thought about putting a small blade on my jeep for about 10 minutes, decided not to. Haha


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              the bronco rocks for plowing it can plow driveways that longer trucks can't. it is a f250 cut by like 3 feet (turns on a dime) the down side is cant fit builk sand/salt. this is my plow/backup truck. I use my f350 for mulch and leaves. BTW I get mulch delivered if i need more than 3 yards of it. not worth running around just to save $35 (talk to the mulch guy about contactor pricing DO NOT PAY RETAIL shop around) , maybe next year i can get a dump truck.

              get a trailer!!! you will hate unloading the mower and may pull your back
              I would get a bigger mower, buy a used walk behind in the 30's and a backpack blower and a good trimmer


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