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    how can you keep a quality mechanic at $35 an hour and pay them threw the winter, and be certified to work on all of the engine brands.

    Also I did not think you could get Master Tech certified on Honda for at least another year, most likely 2 or 3 before they release that test. My understanding is that the test has not be finalized yet. And I am sure it will be much harder then the EETC test, I took that recently and will not even list it here as I was embarrassed by the difficulty of the exam.
    Agreed 100%. If you really are a Honda dealer and have access to their training, then you might know the availability of their Master Technician certification.
    One of a dying breed; the servicing dealer. A Servicing Dealer services what they sell and are factory certified to make these repairs. Find & support them.

    B&S Master Service Technician, Kohler Expert Technician & Honda Engine Technician. Website


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