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    I am looking to venture more into landscape design for next year.
    1. What type of equipment should I be looking to get?
    2. What equipment do you guys use to make a bed from scratch?
    3. Is there a special tool to make doing the edges of existing beds easier?


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    I came into this already having mostly larger over kill equipment. I have rented more for the purpose of tracking our spending dollars and learning which pieces of equipment are worth buying at the moment compared to renting. You may want to consider the same.

    The first bed we edged as well as new establishment of an edge around concrete we performed took 6 man hours to complete manually. When we went back to edge that bed again we paid $70 (daily rental)to rent a bed edger along with a regular edger. Re edged that same bed, drive, another set of beds, and at least another dozen driveways in less than four labor hours including drive time between jobs and the clean up.

    Look up some bed edgers with videos and you'll see how some use them to till in and define new beds. Tillers are always nice to have on hand as well for amending the soil.


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      That makes sense to me thanks!


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        I re-edge beds by hand. but mainly because I cant get all my customers to line up on the same day. if your looking for some equipment to use try looking at a tractor. whether it is a garden tractor or utility, there are loads of attachments you can use it for..


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