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4 Cycle vs 2 Cycle String Trimmers - Thoughts?

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    Thanks guys. I truly appreciate the explanation.

    I sort of figured that was the case, but like I said - I'm not a "mechanical" person, so I wasn't sure. (Kind of why I'm looking at new units instead of something used that I may need to repair myself to get it running)

    I actually went out at midnight last night and picked up the Yard Man Select at W-mart. After a 20 minute ordeal on the phone, I learned that they had two left, so I went and grabbed one. I figured if I found something else better, I can return it, but once they are gone, they are gone, and I'd lose out on the clearance price.

    I think I'll look to see if I can find owner's manuals for some of the others I had looked at to see if any of them run a 50:1 mix. If I can find one that does AND uses .095 string, I'll consider it. Otherwise, I think I'll just keep this 4 cycle since it solves three objectives:
    1. Uses same diameter string as my Stihl - no sense screwing around with two kinds
    2. No need to worry about fuel - uses gas, which I always have on hand. Better than buying a cheap 2 cycle trimmer that uses 40:1 mix and needing to have another gas can.
    3. It gives me a backup trimmer, plus that ability to add attachments that are affordable for occasional use. (I can buy all sorts of attachments for my Stihl, but the prices are insane for something that is rarely used)


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      I guess I'll keep the Yard Man 4 cycle.

      I put it together and used it today on my lawn. My only gripe is that it spins the opposite direction of my Stihl. Ack! Just when I got used to my Stihl going "the wrong way", now I'll have to adjust to this one if I ever need to use it as a backup.

      Overall, it's "OK". I mean, it's a W-mart trimmer for cripes sake, so no surprise that it's not as good as a commercial trimmer. It starts nicely though and it's well balanced.

      I also picked up a Poulan Pro pole pruner attachment and hooked it up. I ran it, but didn't have any trees handy to try it out on. I do have two jobs this week where it will come in handy though.


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