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Toro Proline in-line fuse

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    hey fellas,

    just an update:

    got busy and had to put this toro 52 project on hold until i could get time (and energy) to work on it...and I found out it wasn't the clutch that was bad on this mower (took a mower battery and started the blades that way) and it ran fine, so its got to be something in the wiring, or the electronic control module that mounts on the side of the 14 HP Kohler motor... the good news, I didn't have to replace the clutch! the bad news...gotta change the wire that the in-line fuse had on it, do I have to have the fuse in line or can i get away with not having it?
    I would keep the fuse it could stop you from replacing a electric clutch. kinda like I bet it just did.
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      I have a toro proline 48 " the blades will engage only for a few minutes . What do I have to do to hook to a battery so I can run blades and charge ba ?? It has new clutch why would it just cut off


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        Wandfsmall.....could this be a diode gone bad in the pigtail that connects to the clutch??? It allows the volts to flow one way and if it goes bad it will cause problems....i had one go bad but not on a Toro so I don't know if its the same set up in regards to the pigtail at the clutch or not...just another thing to check out.


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          Here is a video that shows you how to test a diode.

          <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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