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  • Ride on Leaf Blower

    This is pretty neat

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    That is some serious equipment! Is that on your upcoming to-get-list?
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      That is some serious equipment! Is that on your upcoming to-get-list?
      No, I was just browsing youtube and that came up. I thought it was pretty neat. Maybe it will be on my wishlist one day lol


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        I saw a Toro ************* that was just a big Leaf Blower no decks or anything wanted like 4k for it and it was about 15 years old. I said would be awesome to own but pass!
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          I suppose it's good for those who have 100ft trailers alongside their lawn mowers.... I can't really think of a situation on where I would actually use this?

          I really cant and it's bugging me, someone tell me now! I want to know!

          The only difference between this machine and a backpack blower (to me) is the fact that yes, it's not going to kill your back. Though the burden of taking care of another machine which is only worth owning if you have several well paying and also very large contracts. Iffy.

          I'd never be able to make this machine pay itself off. Do you basically turn the shoot as you drive in order to blow a path - only to have to go all the way back to the start of the lawn to make a second/third/fourth/hundredth path?

          It looks as though you'd move forward and reverse continuously (the shoot aims to the side), but why make it a zero turn? That's just frustrating.
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            IMHO a backpack blower is faster and where I live the majority of lawns have interesting grades so this unit would not serve much of a purpose. As for the driveway shot, a customer would have a fit making that much dust, I am looking into a sweeper attachment for the GT's but OMG they are expensive (almost six grand) been looking for a used one for two years........haven't decided it the amount of use is worth the cost.
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              You can get an attachment for the Grashopper mowers. You remove the deck and put on a Buffalo Blower. I have seen people use this setup in the fall pull under trees and help finish blowing leaves off of the trees.


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                Looks like some prime government waste waiting to happen.

                State and local governments never have an issue buying stuff like that with your money. I mean, "We have to keep the park clean, right?"


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