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    At the beggining of the year i had my front breaks done at school. I trusted my friend he has been in the class for 2 years. Today I'm driving down the road on the way back to a job from lunch where i started feeling a thumping noise under my left foot. Odd? Kept going down the road it got more frequent and worse. I thought i had a flat tire but no. When i got to storage room i got up under and looked nothing looked out of place. I then drove home. My dad looked at it and couldn't find anything. I went to the job with the noise happening almost every 5 seconds. I had no idea what it was. It sounded like a bad ball joint but my truck only has 45 thousand miles on it. shouldn't be bad yet? I got to the job and called my mechanic friend (not the one that worked on my truck before) He said he would meet me at my house in about 2 hours. I only had about an hour and 45 min left to work. We met at my house. He looked didn't see anything. I said test drive it. He put it in Nuetral and it didn't role. He was like i never saw a car that wouldn't role! I was like man your on a hill you should role! WE put it in reverse nothing! hit the gas rolled back but the front tire was locked up. He left a 8 foot tire mark down the middle of my driveway. Apparently a bolt holding the caliper was missing. I heard it fall but wasn't sure if i heard something fall. We went back and got it. Jacked my truck up and took the tire off. The caliper was pretty much just hanging there. It scratched the crap out of the inside of my rim. I'm so glad it wasn't a ball joint. we put the bolt back in and it seems to have fixed it. praying for it anyways! I was thinking about getting rid of this truck. Its just to small for me. with gas going up i am having second thoughts. Maybe a Chevrolet Colorado? What do you guys think? I have a ranger now. I love this truck it just has caused me many problems before 50,000 miles.
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    How much have you put into this truck in the last year in repairs?\

    Can you get a replacement that would cost less with the purchase and repairs to that vehicle?

    don't let a few repairs and a little inconvenience cause you to buy a truck. Brakes are nothing to mess with, unless you do it yourself hire someone to do them.


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      Speaking of breaks, I go through pads like crazy.


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        The brake falling apart was from your buddy not doing the job correct .What other problems have you had with it ? My friends that have the colorado complain it sucks lots of gas .


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          There is a big landscape company that is out of biz they have there trucks for sale they are Ford f250 crew cabs I believe diesel in good shape I think they were around 3500 to 5500 in olive branch miss


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            in the past year i've had to do new tires new breaks new air conditioner new battery new trailer wiring because who had truck before mehad it put in but broke the connector soit grounded itself on my truck and kept blowing fuses. i know most of it is wear and tear but the battery and new tires and breaks were done at 37k. seems a little early for wear.the air condition died at 36.5k factory warranty expired at 36k. that was $990 tires $700 Battery $130 brakes were 250. when i got it it hada cracked sparkplug that kept setting my check engine light offf and it came from a dealership like that. my friend said my shock boot on front was split open list keeps going lol i know mostly wear and tear but its getting crazy!

            and 950thomas where did you find those trucks at and have you heard of forrest to floor in our area


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              Tires and brakes are wear items that will be on any vehicle that you get. They are not issues with the vehicle.

              Trailer wiring is not the fault of the vehicle.

              The vehicle did not crack the spark plug.

              Battery does not care about the miles. How old was it? Was it a small battery, I mean physically?

              It sounds to me more like you are trying to justify the purchase of a new truck because deep down you know it is not a good idea.

              If you can't get a truck as good as yours for 2k then forget it and you will still have to buy tires and fix the brakes so now you are under 1k.

              Hope that makes sense.


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                Its not the truck causing problems. Its the lack of maintenance is getting. You should have stopped immediately and investigated when you first found the problem. Proper maintenance will go a long long way.
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                  Is everything working now? If so, why not just keep it. It's yours, you got it. Don't take on any monthly payments unless you absolutely have to.
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                    Haven't heard of forest to floor the trucks were c@t landscape they were in olive branch straight down hacks cross down by chandlers landscape on the side of road


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