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    What do you guys think of this particualr model? I can't really afford a billy goat right now. I saw some on ebay for around 300 I was wondering what you think.

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    I've not had great success with any leaf vac.
    I would rather use a parking lot blower for leaves.
    (you can get snow fence and a few cheap stake and corral the leave quite nicely)

    as far as chipping I'm not sure what that small unit could handle.
    I've got a 7hp MTD chipper shredder that works pretty good.
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      I'm more concerned with just leaves


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        I have this particular piece of equipment in my lineup. I would give it a 8 out of 10. If you use it as the main piece you will be unlaoding numerous times. What I have found to work is, take a leaf blower and blow as much as you can into piles and bag those piles. then take the chipper shreadder over the line for a final cleanup...looks really great. The one negative is sometimes you might have to go over an area more than once. I always put the wheels down as low and the will go and it seems to get the job done. As for the vaccum tube, i would give it 10 of 10. When I am getting in the mulch bed and under the shrubs it works great. This must have also been a crop year for acorns as we had hundreds more than I have ever had before. It would well there to, as long as you didn't put the tube right down in the mulch, it would pick up the acorns and not the mulch. I hope this works!


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          I have this particular piece of equipment in my lineup. I would give it a 8 out of 10. If you use it as the main piece you will be unlaoding numerous times.
          Now that you have used this method, do you have plans on improving your leaf cleanup method in the future? If so, what's the plan and which equipment would make the process even better?
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            The only plans I have are to get a dump truck or a pickup with a dump to box in and get the vaccum to attach to vac the leaves up into the box of the dump. Here in Maryland we have a compost site that anyone can dump compost materials, twigs, leaves, and mulch at. So last time, I used the leaf blower and bagged everything. Bagging sucked but the gentlemen wanted them all off site so we bagged and then took the individual bags to the site, a total of 127- 55 gallon bags stuffed with leaves. Alot of places, I have the advantage of blowing them off the property and over the hill, or mulching into the ground.

            So if I had that unit I would just blow everything to the edges of drive and then take vaccum and suck the leaves up into the back. Then I would still do the same with running over it with either the mower if not to late in year or I would run vac over it to finalize along with using it in the mulch beds. I haven't found anything better for the mulch beds. I have a stihl leafblower/vac and it performs no where near the level of the troybilt unit. Hope this helps!



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