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  • Equipment Maintenence Records

    What is everyone using to keep decent maintenance records ? Is there a simple software program ? Are you using a spreadsheet ?

    Please share your ideas.

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    I keep it "old school"

    I actually write it on a sheet i made on MS Word. I update it on the computer every time i send in taxes... I havent missed a repair since i started.

    Things i keep track of in ORDER of most important and things i have to repair most often!

    Truck - 1987 Ford F150 I6 300 4.9L
    Oil - Amsoil 5500 miles
    Belts - Once Yearly around winter so they dont squeal (didnt help this winter, still loud, needs pulleys)
    Tires - As Needed, limit of three repairs per tire, otherwise i just have new/used ones put on

    Trailer - 2005 Pace American "Journey" Enclosed
    Tires - I slacked and finally popped a tire via a curb, cost me 30$ on a used tire
    Bearings - need to be repacked... been a while... havent done it in two years

    MTD Pro 21" Push Mower
    Oil - Once every year, not used often!
    Drive Belt - As Needed

    Wright Stander 36" 26988
    Tires - Running Golf Cart 18.5 5 ply, no flats yet *crosses fingers*
    oil - Every 3 months (1.9qt. Amsoil 30wt.)
    Hydro Fluid - 489.5 Hours and still kickin! Needs to be changed lol
    Belts - Once a year

    Wright Stander 52" in its 12hours of holiness!
    Tires - Original - One plug, will change as needed
    Oil - 2.3qt Amsoil 30wt. Synthetic installed at purchase
    Hydro Fluid - It is my "BIG PROPERTY" mower and will be used ALOT this season so, will change every 200 hours!
    Belts - Once a year (beginning of spring)
    Blades - Every 5hours, i carry a couple extra sets already to go.

    Stihl 420 Magnum Backpack (2)
    I clean the mufflers when they start getting hard to start, use them a LOT so i dont have to do much to them. Two pull start.

    Stihl FC 85 Trimmer and Edger "Professional"
    Edge - Brand new carb at the end of the season, new blade once a week, and is flipped mid week usually
    Trimmer - Nodda in 2 years of operation. Has a oil port on the gear box

    Shindiawa Multi-Kit -
    My Most reliable piece of equipment on the trailer! One plug in two years, thats all!

    I usually handle things as they come. I dont haul a big pile of parts in the truck or trailer. Most places will put on new belts if i pull in mid afternoon and slip them an extra 20$ bill to speed things up lol. I do most of my own tune ups and vehicle repairs. I am mechanically good to go so, i save money doing it alone.

    I keep it all written down and input it as it comes in.

    I also input how much i spent on the repair it self so i can print it all out and give it to my accountant.

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    Seminole County FL

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      Gopher Lawn Care Software helps you keep track of that and you can download a free trial version of it.
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        I put together a couple of sheets for this very thing. I have attached them in a post I made previously. One is for each piece of equipment you have. You make up a sheet for each item. The second is a record of individual specs on the equipment. Self explanatory. I also have them in an excel format if you want to keep them on your computer, but I like the paper, for putting them in the shop in a binder.

        Maintenance Forms


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