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Got a new Echo trimmer today!

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  • Got a new Echo trimmer today!

    I am pumped about my new echo. Can't wait to put it to work. Anyone have one and how has it performed for you?

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    I got a new Echo SRM265 this spring. Great machine. Which one did you get?
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      I love mine, The SRM-230 which I've had for two years and the SRM-265 the one that you can change the attachments, It has the trimmer head and a hedge trimmer head which is great for reaching up high.
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        New Echo

        I was in Home Depot this last spring and they had a return on one which was the biggest they carry I forget the numbers for 100 bucks so I bought and it used all spring and summer. There is really only one thing I can see wrong for my use. It is a little small in power but other than that it was good reliable trimmer. Never had any issues at all started right up everytime lightweight.
        In fact I think it was a perfect trimmer for my daughter that helps when she is not in school. It's small enough to learn and light enough to use all day long with out much fatigue. If using just for residential trimming it would be fine but heavy brush forget it just not enough power. I ended up buying another Stihl also FS110R and a couple of brush blades which fit the ticket better for what I needed. The only down side was weight. Don't get me wrong I feel that I got my money worth out of the Echo and if it makes another year it will make it even better. But it's hard to beat my Stihl's.


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          I am pumped about my new echo. Can't wait to put it to work.
          Keep us posted on what you think of it once you get to using it.
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            it is an SRM 265.


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