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Mowers: Stand-on vs. Walk behind

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  • Mowers: Stand-on vs. Walk behind

    I have been researching stand-ons for over a week and this is the main criteria I have found through my research. These are only a partial list of pros and cons per machine. Many of us are tall, so ergonomics is a main criteria on the control levels. Also having a good suspension for less fatique is critical. My first choice would have been a Ferris, but by reading all the reviews on the net, they are all in agreement, it does not cut worth the damn in wet conditions. I am looking for experienced feedback on a machine that can reduce fatique and can convert to a wb when needed. I probably will wait until next year when hopefully the Toro Grandstand, Exmark, or Gravely introduces a anti-scalp roller to their deck. This then will seem to be the best choice. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Ferris Evolution- Pros- Awesome technology, great ergonomics, great suspensions, saddle seat Cons-terrible cut especially in wet conditions.

    Wright- over priced and somewhat old technology. No suspension to speak of.

    Exmark- First yr building stand-ons Pros- Still the best deck and cut per reviews, heat shield Cons-No anti scalp rollers. How could they not incorporate that.

    Gravely- Pros-Fantastic machine Great deck and great cut Cons-No anti scalp rollers

    Toro Grandstand-Pros-Good cut wet or dry, cruise control feature, good standing area Cons-Again no anti scalp rollers

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    I use a 36" Wright... It is my main GO to mower. I am 5'9" which isnt HUGE by any means but. I love the wright. Its got the Kawi motor on it. I have never had any MAJOR mechanical issues with it *knocks on desk*. I am actually cotemplating getting one with a 54" deck on also.

    I love the Wright... only issue i had was, it was a PAIN to get used to, super touchy and fast, didnt take long tho...

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      I have been researching stand-ons for over a week and this is the main criteria I have found through my research.
      Have you gotten a chance yet to demo some of the different models out there?
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        One of the pros for the Wright Stander is that they do alot better on hills than the other standers...The toro while it's super comfortable on flat, it is terrible on hills. actually they are just dangerous on hills! The Exmark and Toro standers are the same mower btw.


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          I have a Lesco now with joystick controls and a velky that I really like. The Scag and ExMark are probably the best all around mowers i've used. Both have been virtually bullet proof. The 48" Lesko does not do as well on hills as I would like BUT it does mow through anything rain or shine and cuts really well.


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