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  • exmark Lazer or Quest

    I went to a dealer today to look for a new mower. I saw a exmark lazer 48 in deck for $8000 and a exmark quest sp 48 in deck for $4000. I love both but i wanted to hear other peoples views on the lazer vs quest

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    I have a Lazer Z 60". My opinion is gonna be bias, but I think if you're gonna go into the commercial business, you probably should consider a more "commercial" mower. I haven't operated a Quest, but I think the Lazer will be more suited to your needs. I know the price is double, but so is the quality and construction. The last thing you want is to get into the season and then have minor problems holding you up all the time. The prices of these mowers are absolutely ridiculous, but ya gotta have them, and they know it. I think you are making a good choice with Exmark. Mine has over 1400 hrs and is still mowing awesome.
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      You should go commercial all the way. The quest is just exmarks harry homeowner version. I have a commercial lazer ct 48. It can mow all day everyday and the quest is not built for that. My dealer won't even carry them.


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