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Toro Timecutter Z: RESULTS

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  • Toro Timecutter Z: RESULTS

    Alright, so I tried out the new zero turn today.

    Let me tell ya... Took me an hour to get the thing started.

    I was so frustrated as I KNEW I was doing everything right.

    The spark plug was connected, EVERYTHING.

    What was the problem?

    The inaccessible battery wasn't connected!

    I had to dig my fingers into the frame & frig with it to get it connected.

    Anyway, I gave the machine a good name calling & got it started.


    The ride:

    Fantastic, it's a zero turn & better than standing with a walk behind any day. Though the ride does get bumpy enough you'll lose your footing, even while going slow from time to time. This can be the lawns fault.


    I consider myself an efficient worker with a self propelled walk behind, I didn't have enough Monday lawns to keep up with the mower! I was in & out of properties - & at the end of the day, I still feel like I never even left my home. No pain, less dirt, no sweat!

    The Size:

    It's a 44" deck, & I have managed to fit in several backyards/gates with it. Basically the discharge chute needed to be lifted up a tad, & it was as simple as that in order to get through my customers gates.

    It's a big machine give or take, but it's able to maneuver through almost anything. Trust me. I tested it when I shouldn't have on a customers property - NOTHING BUT GARDENS in the backyard... I whipped through her plants like lightning without damaging anything.

    The Quality of the Machine:

    It's alright, though you should be careful not to hit anything. Even while driving it, I sorta feel like it's going to fall apart if I pick up more speed. It's durable, but I'm not sure it could withstand a bad scenario - we'll find out!

    The Quality of the Cut:

    I don't have the Duo Bag attachment, or the mulch kit... Though this machine as is chops the grass so fine, you don't even need to blow the lawn afterwords.

    If you do the perimeter in the wrong direction, you'll have grass everywhere because of the discharge chute.. This isn't so bad, a quick blow will clean everything up nicely. If you do start the perimeter in the wrong direction, you will know instantly & will be able to correct yourself right away, so there is no problem here.

    The mower does leave perfect stripes, & I'm amazed also because there are NO "turning" marks created by the tires. I'm not happy with the tires, but I really can't complain!


    Basically you drive it up a ramp, & that's it. As for going through the town with it in a trailer... One reminder would be to tie the seat down. The seat lifts up in order to access various parts of the machine, though nothing keeps it down & it will throw itself up & down until you stop at the next lawn.

    Fun Factor:

    This machine in a way took the effort out of lawn maintenance. Seriously. I'm still ready to waste gas just driving the machine around.

    Scare Factor:

    We all hate the sound of blade on rock. It's the noise that haunts us in our sleep. Well there was one property I did which was basically a forest. I did a great job but nearly crapped my pants when I heard the above noise.

    The blades do shut off & stop almost instantly, but honestly it's always too late for any machine. The good news is, the height given on the deck is perfect. It matches my other machines height so quality of two or more machines can merge. I have heard a few BANGS today, but no blade damage. I'm sure it was just pebbles going for a ride under the deck & nothing more. If you run into a bad scenario, it's easier to lift the deck up fast, & THEN shut off the blades.


    I wanted to go against my knowledge today & test it out on a steep hill (going DOWN). I thought it would burn the grass, & I wasn't wrong. The deck rests on the lawn at certain angles & isn't a good thing.

    I also did another lawn, not sure the degree of the hill. Basically, if you feel as if you are sliding off your seat, that's about as high as you can go before the machine is riding you across the lawn. I was able to do 3 lines on a lawn out of 12 (give or take) before I felt my spider senses tingling & my conscience whispered, "this is a very bad idea Scott".

    Anyway, don't do crazy hills... Even on acceptable slopes, a seat belt would fit this machine perfectly... Though who the hell uses a seat belt? 5+ minutes added to load/unload time :P


    If you enjoy shouting your head off to the staff at Home Depot, this mower is for you. You could pick one up for about $3,000.00. My commercial self propelled walk behind lawn mower (21"/22" :S ) cost me $2,500.00... So I suppose the price isn't half bad.


    I believe that if this machine is well kept & cleaned out, it could last me a good 2 years before anything needs to be replaced. Blades are excluded (you never know).. That's my prediction, when you ride the machine you get a feel of how it functions.

    The first major thing I can see going, are the front wheels & deck wheels.

    Anyway, that's all I can write for now... Gotta go pick up MOOLAH!!! 9PM & a customer is calling me... damn...

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    you know scott..everyone told you it was a bad idea..but ill probly end up getting the same exact one you got..

    im a kid..and i dont have an obscenely large amount of homes..there all well as any other lawn in this area..with maybe a minor MINOR slope..granted some have that ditch for drainage..but ill just bring a 21" with and knock that down..

    none of these sites tell you the price and im sure there all within 5 grand..

    i need something cheap and efficient and right now this is the choice for me..

    plus .. they have it at lowes.. and if i get it there my grandpa can buy it and get me his employee discount..and thats more money i can be spending somewhere else..

    I dont need a large deck since the properties i manage are very small..
    so 42" is just perfect for me.. ill be zipping through houses..and ill be able to take on more..SO that means i can gain more houses for that year

    and those houses..can maybe pay for a bigger better machine..
    than that machine can lead to new trimmers and blowers..then a new forth..

    this is the option for if you can..atleast keep me updated on it

    have a nice day

    and i HATE it when customers call at 9-10 o'clock at night..hahahah
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      you know scott..everyone told you it was a bad idea..but ill probly end up getting the same exact one you got..
      LOL, we can be Timecutter buddies, hahahaha!!!

      Anyway, overall... This machine does it's job, I'm sure parts are cheap to replace if something gets screwed up.

      I'd rather ding this up then a $6,000.00 machine.

      Basically, I paid half the price I would have paid for the machine I wanted. So if this machine pays itself off I see no problem.

      Eventually it will just be a spare ZTM, nothing wrong with that!


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        thats exactly how i look at it..
        i looking at a few awlkbehinds and stuff on ebay and craigslist but im scared to buy anything used..especially when it comes to that large amount of money..i bought a guitar of ebay and it turned out to be complete crap so why risk it on a mower..if i do it will be one that they will let me play with first..otherwise this is the way to go for me..

        the only downside though is i have to save enough to get a trailer too..right now i fold it all up and throw it in the back of my blazer..
        Just Kut Lawn and Landscape
        "Where Service is Always in Season"
        Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.


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          Scott that is one heck of a review! Nice job

          I am glad you are liking the machine.
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            JK buy a trailer first. Otherwise how will you transport your new Zturn! lol
            good luck with saving. I just bought a used 36" walkbehind. Got it for $600 and it's of commecial quiality. also got it with a "scully". basically a seat you attach to it and it becomes a riding mower.

            So far so good. But if you do buy used make sure you get to try it out like they let me do with mine.


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              i plan on getting the trailer first it would be pointless to have a nice new mower and have to drive it from house to house or leave it in the garage..

              and even with trying out a used mower..unless its used form a dealer..i wouldnt be able to trust it..

              things can run for a bit and break down in 2 days..that would be horrible..
              Just Kut Lawn and Landscape
              "Where Service is Always in Season"
              Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.


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