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  • Mower Issue

    Alright, so my 2.5K mower I purchased last year has had a bad start.

    It had to go through a lot of long/wet grass during the first cut of the season. My lawns do not look as good as I wanted them to. After 3 cuts per lawn, that's where I draw the line & say, "next week will be better".

    The grass is long & when I mow a lawn, it bends the grass before it cuts it, so most of the long grass just stands back up when I use the blower. It looks pretty silly.

    Though I am unsure if this is the main issue.

    I have cleaned my filthy deck repeatedly, & the blades are still in alright condition.

    I do the first pass on a lawn by keeping the front tires in the air & going through the lawn just to cut it down.

    The 2nd pass, my deck is raised to the max, & I slowly pass through the lawn.

    The 3rd pass, I have no choice but to bag the grass at this point... The deck is lowered by one notch & it's just a "cleanup pass" which makes the lawn look half decent.

    Other than that, patches still come up - no matter if I mow in different directions.

    Could it be that my mower went through too much hell the past week it just wants to retire? LOL.

    I can't figure it out.

    Blades are good, deck is clean... I just don't understand why it isn't cutting properly... It could just be the lawns, but that's hard for me to believe.

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    What Kind of mower is it and is the grass dry, damp or wet? I can take a garden tractor with gator blades in 14" of grass and never go over it more than twice, useless if it's wet. Are these new clients? If not why did you let the grass get so long?
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      It's a Toro self propelled commercial heavy duty rear bagger.

      I love this machine but damn...

      The grass is wet considering it's holding in a ton of moisture from being so long.

      I let the grass go long because my mowing season hadn't started yet. I was too backed up with Spring work to even consider giving my clients an early mow' - sucks!

      I'm sure it's just the grass being way too long. My mower wont cut grass that has been flattened by the "bumper" or tires.

      Though I have noticed the mower leave a few patches of standing grass, this creeps me out. There is no reason for it to do this, especially if it's my 3/3rd cut.

      Anyway, I'm going to test out this home owner piece of crap mower on Monday, if it works well - I'll send my more expensive mower in for repairs.

      I'll get new blades & have them take the underside of the deck apart. Maybe there is some grass packed into there or something.

      I got a new drive shaft installed on it last year, new blades too. I just don't see a problem with any of those!

      Anyway, It's gotta be the long grass. I'll see how this week goes, because it's really upsetting to see such a bad quality cut. I suppose it's expected considering it's the first cut of the season, & the most dreadful. The client usually understands.

      I didn't have this problem last year, the grass was slow to grow at the beginning of the season & I was able to maintain quality easily.


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        Buy the Meg mow system which is designed for wet grass, it's what we use, one pass no matter how long and it's an excellent cut.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          I'll look into that.

          Could come in handy for sure.

          I just hate bogging my equipment down. I want a mower for each season/ weather condition, lol.


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