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  • B&S intek engine

    Anyone know anything about briggs & stratton intek engines? How do they compare to other commercial engines?

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    What is it being used on? When it comes to engines I would usually recommend a kawasaki, honda, and sometimes kohler


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      We have five units with the Itek, two in the Dr. Lawn Vac units which work and start excellent, they are I believe 9 h.p., then we have two in pressure washers, I honestly forget what H.P. they are but no issues same with a wood splitter which I believe is 10 h.p.. Given the choice we have had Kawasaki engines in Deere mowers, Commercial grade and they really work well also. Not really a good answer as most of our gear is only a year old so I can't really give years of use experience.
      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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        Intek engines are not really a commercial grade engine. They are more of a "pro-sumer" or "light commercial". They are typically a pretty decent engine but they are not designed as heavy as you would typically want an engine to be if are going to run on a machine that will run many hours per day. Now, on the other hand, for a consumer machine that runs like a consumer machine is intended to, the Intek is a decent option. Like most engines, if you properly maintain them, they will last a long time. Heck, do you know how long the old B&S flat-head engines lasted if properly maintained???? Of course you could be the person who happens to buy a lemon that blows up or something. But unless you are the unlucky person and or simply don't maintain the engine it should last a while.

        Good luck,


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