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  • Commercial Mower Questions

    Hello All!

    I've been at this for about a year, and this year business has been doing great. I've been viewing the boards for a few months, and thought it was time to post some questions.

    I've been able to mange on just a residential mower, but I know that can't last.

    I'm looking to upgrade to a commercial now and I was talking to my local repair guy and he mentioned a few brands that he would recommend;

    Honda, Kawasaki, or the Wisonsin/Subaru/Robbin. I haven't really looked around yet, as I thought some pros who use commercial mowers could give some excellent advice.

    He also told me he has a Honda HRC 216 that was left with him. He said he might be willing to sell it to me for $300, as he just can't get a hold of the guy who dropped it off. Also, I couldn't seem to figure out how to move it into 2nd gear.

    Is that a good deal? Should I look into something else?

    For a little more info, I don't really need a large walk behind right now. My basic 21" and 22" have been working.

    Any thoughts?

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    Just curious, how many accounts do you have? Do you work alone? I'm starting up and I will be using my residential mower as well.


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      Without looking into my Quickbooks, I'd say I have around 30. I pulled some from my last year accounts, and brought a lot on in just April alone. This isn't counting those who just want a one time mow.

      I had a Yardman Honda as my personal mower, and a Poulan Weedwacker Featherlite too. I used to just load up into the back of my SUV and head to do some jobs.

      I have upgraded to a 4'x8' trailer (the kind you would see at Bi-Mart or Harbor Freight). A Toro Briggs & Stratton residential mower. I recently had a customer (who rolled over from last year) say he is moving out of state and selling everything. So for 2 mows he gave me an electric weed-trimmer (I'm holding it for backup), and electric edger, some rakes, shovels, spades, etc.

      So far it has been going well, but I would just like a better mower, one that I won't have to worry about so much.

      I also talked to a landscaping company here in my area. I wanted to make a connection for jobs that are just too big for me. He has a "small" landscaping trailer he will sell me because it's just been sitting for years. Small to him is 6'x13'!

      If you want some more information about what I'm doing, I would be happy to share what I can.


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