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Snapper 21" Commercial Series Questions

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  • Snapper 21" Commercial Series Questions

    I bought a used Snapper 21" Commercial mower off of a friend of mine about a month ago. Well, last week I did what everyone has probably done - I bent a crank on a peice of chain at one of my customers. Well it vibrated like hell for the 2 minutes that I ran it until I got it to the shop. They straighted the crank and told me to go make some money!!! But, Im leary as to what to look for after your mower goes through something like that. I vibrated enough that I had to rebuild the drive mechanism for the gearbox due to the spring poppping off. And noticed a couple of my bolts were loose on my mulching plug. Is there anything to watch out for when I do my maintence on it and while Im in the field?

    Any help would be appreciated!!! This was my primary mower and have been using my Honda since this occured last Friday. I picked it up yesterday and now ready to put it back on the truck.

    Thanks in advance.

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