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Tough time deciding on a new Zero turn

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  • Tough time deciding on a new Zero turn

    Alright heres the deal i currently own a dixie chopper silver eagle 50inch cut zero trurn mower. Its an alright mower in some spots but sucks in most( my opinion).First its horrible on hillsides my old residential z was way better on slopes. Second it very very loud even with ear protecton my heads still buzzing after a long day of cutting. 3rd its cut pretty much everything about it lol im running the X blades on the mower and its doing better but in thinker grass the clipping disposal is horrible in my opinion, im a perfectionist when it comes to striping and a good clean cut and this mower just isnt cutting it for me i also need a 60inch deck. i did really like the fact that the shoot on the deck could be closed and the fact that the mower would stripe without a striper

    I need others opionions major lol dealers just tell me there machine is the best no matter what brand and its very confusing haha

    I have looked at pretty much every mower made lol.. but cant decide, i have however narrowed it down. I really liked the john deere z950 havnt got to demo it yet but seems really nice and the dealer is less than a mile from my home.. I also love the Exmark lazer Z only problem is the dealer is more than 50 miles away I also really like the scag mower its about 20 miles but super easy to get to. And last the Hustler super z its also about 20 miles way. Price is really not a big thing i just want a mower that does the best job. Any suggestings would really help me out

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    Hey Steve

    I have an Exmark Lazer Z 60" and I love it. I am a perfectionist like you and I want my cuts even. The Lazer Z is a smooth mower and I like the fact that it has the Ultra Cut deck, which is the heavy duty welded deck. With the factory tires it's ok on hills, however if you are going to buy one, I'd have the more aggressive tires put on it for slopes. Not the bar-style tires, but the atv tires. I don't care for the bar style tires because all my customers have beautiful turf, and if the ground is even a little wet, you'll leave tread in the dirt and rip turf of the turn arounds. I never come to the end of a row and immediately turn, instead I make a "Y". I think you should go try out an Exmark Lazer Z. The drive may be a bummer, but you'll be getting a quality mower that will last you almost forever, if you take good care of it. I'm not a John Deere man, but have test ridden their zero turns. They are not as smooth as an Exmark, and Lord help you when you need service or parts as they are darn proud of their pretty little green color. Their craftsmanship doesn't impress me much, and their operator controls aren't as nice as the Exmark either. The only thing about an Exmark is they don't come factory with a grass stopper on the chute like your Dixie Chopper does. However you can get it through a dealer, which I highly recommend. Hope this helps as I think Exmark is the leading brand in commercial mowers, and I know you'll be more than satisfied with its performance.
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      I have a Deere X997 although we don't use it a lot anymore, I find garden tractors match the quality and allow me to use the equipment to offer a lot more services, you may want to look into the Garden tractors (X series) and expand your service offerings, just a thought.
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        Hey thanks both of U i really like hearing things form ppl that really use the equipment and not sell it. I really like all the machines that i listed and they all have there pros and cons i just have to find the machine that has more pros then cons.. i know no mower will ever be perfect in all conditions i just want one that does best in most lol


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          I promise


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            ive never seen a Walker mower in really life or ever seen anyone use one so i never considered it.. I know as a fact scag and exmark leave a super clean cut and stripe amazing so im trying to deside between the 2 but anythings a posibility. Do walker mowers hold hills well?
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              ive never seen a Walker mower in really life or ever seen anyone use one so i never considered it.. I know as a fact scag and exmark leave a super clean cut and stripe amazing so im trying to deside between the 2 but anythings a posibility. Do walker mowers hold hills well?
              Walker is superior to Scag, though I have never seen an Exmark in action.

              on the walker site, the guy/video explains just about everything for each product.

              Click, "Model Overview" if you can find it.

              I'm looking into the MODEL MB.

              Though I have used other models, they leave SUPER perfect stripes. The cut is extremely fine & clean.

              These machines are SO easy to handle as well.

              The downside is it gets too comfortable, not kidding, it's actually a bummer.

              You could totally zone out while using one, then when your done the job, getting off of the machine is the hardest part.


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                hey thanks a lot for the info on the Walker Mowers id love to look more into them the only problem the only dealer i could find is more than 150 miles away i would also consider the MB model like U are looking at.. i really would love to just bag all the grass but i would never have anywhere to put it all haha


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                  I've been going back and forth myself. I really want a Wright Stander but their quality of cut isn't up to par with what I'm used to.
                  ... I have an Exmark Lazer Z 60" ...
                  Exmark makes excellent stuff. Toro owns Exmark and I do prefer the Toro side. The quality of cut is unmatched in the industry in my opinion.

                  Exmark had issues with their Triton deck (left a row of stringers, IIRC) so stay away from that deck. I've also heard they are having teething issues with their new Commercial 21. Their 26" was also a flop. Exmark should stay away from the small mower stuff. Just leave it to the Toro guys.

                  I've used Exmark and Toro and both have excellent quality. Less issues on the Toro end though. I'd say you can't really go wrong with either. I wouldn't choose a mower because of dealer proximity alone.

                  The pictures on my site are made with a 36" Toro walkbehind with no striping kit.
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                    Well after months of reading everything i can find i have come to the conclusion that every make of zero turns have there good and bad qualities. I know that even the best mower will still have some cutting problems when the conditions arnt right. Ever since i could remember i have always wanted a Scag mower i think this is because years ago a lawn company would cut a large yard by my home with a scag turf tiger. I was always so amazed with the stripes the mower left. Im just gona have to demo a few machines and see which one i perfer. thanks for all the imput by everyone it has helped and made me think


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                      I'd love to hear some of your feedback as you demo the different models.

                      Keep us posted.
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                        Bad Boys Zero turn

                        What do you think of badboys z turn. Also do you think the standers make for better cut then the sit down zturns. Also engine wise wheres the vanguard BS stand near commercial Kawis??


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                          I have been in business for 7 years and have owned the following; Scag, Ferris, Bobcat-Ransomes, and Exmark. By far the best piece of equipment is the Exmark. I currently use Exmark and will never go to anything else. They are built like tanks, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and are a dream to operate. Leaves grass looking like brand new carpet.


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                            Isnt Exmark the #1 selling mower around? They are everywhere around here...

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                              Im not sure but I have come to know many salesmen and techs at different mower dealers that don't even sell Exmark and they tend to agree that they are to top of the line.


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