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Scores of Lawnmower Makers Settle Horsepower Suit

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  • Scores of Lawnmower Makers Settle Horsepower Suit

    Here are some interesting topics. First read Article 1 and then Article 2 (#2 is the result of the topic in #1).

    Article 1:
    Lawn Mower Horsepower Overstated, Class Action Claims

    Article 2:
    Scores of Lawnmower Makers Settle Horsepower Suit

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    Yeah I got a notice in the mail stating it had been settled & that I may be entitled to (I think) up to $75 per machine purchased during the time span.
    I have not done anything about it. I am not sure what the heck it's really about, I didn't buy any of my mowers because say it had a 25 hp engine that I wouldn't have bought had it said it was a 24 hp.... So what the hell is the difference?


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      I honestly think some have too much time on their hands, all this does is drive the costs up for everyone. Why not sue Sears for their 7 hp shop vac?

      With no disrespect at all, it amazes me that in the states you seem to be able to sue for just about anything and the awards are staggering, it makes me wonder how many companies make it.

      If I lived in the states, I would never offer many or most of the services we do, just too much risk.
      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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        The difference between these HP ratings is that most of the manufacturers have been rating their engines without air filter systems or mufflers installed. Then they would go to whatever elevation the engine would run the best and produce the most HP.

        Back in December I was at the Honda Update school when they told us that some of the Honda engine customers (like manufacturers) are telling them that the Honda engines have more actual power than the competitions. Then they explained how these engines gain these HP ratings. If you notice, some of the B&S engines that used to be rated at 3 or 3 1/2 HP somehow jumped up to 4 or more HP. And the ones that used to be 4 are now 6 or 7...... I always joked that they must make the horses smaller than they used to... lol


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