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  • Monster leaf bag

    What's your thoughts on this product? Could it be a cost effective way for commercial leaf clean up usage?

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  • #2
    I think its a good idea if your short on budget..
    i think its a better idea to make your own

    the monster leaf bag is 40 bucks plus shipping
    heres my plan
    make your own monster leaf bag:
    one 12'x16' tarp (bigger than the monster leaf bag): about 20$
    one gromet kit about 8$
    nylon rope or twine..something of that nature around 5-10$

    or you can fuse the tarp together with a heat
    so that would only be 20$ for the tarp (if you have a heat gun)

    so you saved 20 bucks plus however much shipping was
    and yours is bigger than the monster leaf bag

    Kinda cheap but if you do it right it will work just fine..worst case senario
    you mulch the leaves too much and they find a way out of the bag (if you spaced gromets too far apart) and youll have to do a quick run by with a backpack vac..

    but it looks like it would be a decent product..i wouldnt like how it pats the grass down though..
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      I don't like it, though it looks easy to drag considering the material is the same as a tarp.

      It'd be good for clients where you don't have to bring the leaves with you, you could just drag em' into the forest.

      I would never use it. It saves time in a sense, but not overall.

      If you have an area to dump... Just use a tarp, drag it to the truck.. Fold it.. Lift & dump the leaves into the truck... Get to the dump, rake/blow the leaves into a pile... leave.. lol

      I wonder how heavy this bag can get, that is my biggest concern. If they are manageable, you'd probably need 3-4 of these bags.

      I also think they would be easy to replicate for less $.


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