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Good deal? Toro pro line

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  • Good deal? Toro pro line

    I am needing a back up mower and was interested in a 36" walkbehind. I have found a Toro Proline Model#3986 Hydro with 2000 hours but in good shape looks like taken care of for the hours for 900.00

    I have tried to find the model# but cannot I know it is older but just need a back up. Any advice what to look for, I am thinking hard about just passing it up but hard to do for the price. A Hydro for under 1000!

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    For a comparison, i bought a 2006 48" John Deere Hydro walk behind at the end of last year for $1700. It has roughly 150 hrs on it and looks brand new. If I was you and looking for a back up I would check out craigslist and wait for a good price on a decent mower. your back up may be your main mower when yours wears out or you expand. I may be wrong but 2000 hrs sounds like its at about at the end of its life and may be more headaches than its worth.


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      I agree but price is big factor right now

      I have also found a Encore 2008 model brand new at the John Deere dealer 36"
      gear drive for 2000.
      Now this would be the best deal, but With having advertising and other start up cost going on right now I just cant get the 2000. I know this Encore will be gone any day now.


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        Craigslist is a savior if you have the cash. Like granddad always said; you can always find a deal, as long as you have the cash. I found a primary mower for my business 2 months ago. 2006 Exmark Turf Tracer 60" with 200 hours for 2500. I love Exmark and always owned and never will own anything else!


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