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  • 4-SALE truck & equipment

    for sale due to new career and move out of state.
    all equipment is in excellent condition, turn key setup , would take 41000. cash for all or 24,400 for trailer all equipment, no lease or terms except for accounts.
    like i said all equipment is in excellent condition, all equipment was bought new, has very few hours, was used and maintained by owner operator only,anyone looking to get into landscaping biz or anyone looking to expand i dare you to find a better equipment in this condition and price, anyone interested i can send more info, email me at..

    2005 f350 stake body dump 1o yd. bed 47300+ miles $18000.
    trailer 2008 pequea 14 x 6" dual axle 7000gw split gate electronic brakes w/trimmer racks 2000.
    Walker MT 2008 48" (ghs) 10 bushel catcher 23hp 186hrs w/set of new belts, hydro,ingage,fan, + shear pin and bolts worth over $150+ $8000
    wright stander 2008 36" (rh) 17hp 131hrs with grass gobbler catcher $4350
    red max back pack blowers 1. 7000 and 1. 8000 $750 both
    redmax curved shaft trimmer g24ls $125
    shindaiwa straight shaft trimmer t242 $225 like new
    shindaiwa ah2444 22" articulating hedge trimmer attachment $ 190 used once
    tanaka tht 2000 20" hedge shears $ 100 great condition needs new blades
    tanaka tle-600 push edger $600
    shindaiwa rs76 push spreader $ 200.
    1. solo 425 4g BP/sprayer $ 60.
    1. red max bm40s it is made by sp systems (sp-1) 4g BP/sprayer $ 80.
    oregon 1/2hp blade grinder $ 325
    skid sprayer green pro solutions custom made 300g + 30 mix tank 20 gpm Udor pump 5.5 electric start honda never has had one chemical in it, only used for organic apps. very clean, almost new $ 7000.
    honda push mower 21" 5 hp with bag $ 300.
    **have all service manuals for all equipment**

    asorted gas cans, 2 green cans, 2 gray cans w/handles, hand tools,pruners,hand shears,rakes,shovels, 2,dual wheel barrows, g.R-up quick pro, lawn roller,etc. $500.
    *note, these accounts are not reflected in price for package ,..28 accounts $7000. atlantic city area
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    Hi Grassmaster,

    What is your reflection on running your lawn care business? What did you think of the experience? Are there any thoughts you could share with the newer start ups?
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      ive been in the landscape biz for almost 14+ years, sort of burn't out,
      my best advice to the new guys would be, make sure your passionate about what your doing before you jump in to it, there can be alot of stress dealing with customers, there's a lot of responsibility in running a good money making lawn care biz to do it right,, put your customers first, do the best job always as you can, be honest, work hard and you can go far.

      but make sure this is what you want to do with your life? ive come to a point in my life i now realize this type of work is not my calling, it became not fun or enjoyable, no way to live ones life, always do what you love and the success will come

      good luck to the new guys coming in. research every thing you can and constantly learn new ways and methods to achieve good results.
      set your self apart from the pack.

      again, be passionate at what you do, and the rest will take care of it's self


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        That is very interesting!

        What do you feel were some of the signs that it was getting old and you were getting burnt out?

        What do you think you would enjoy more now?

        Do you think this business can change over time to allow business owners to enjoy it over time or at a certain point it just is repetitive and thats what gets old?
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