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Twin tube backpack blower?

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  • Twin tube backpack blower?

    Is this feasible or is there really a need for it?
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    When you're blowing leaves off of a lawn sometimes it does pay to have two guys with backpacks hitting the same area at different angles. This may be a good thing for that. Of course, two outlets lessens the power at each end so the blower would have to be bigger and heavier to make extra output.
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      TwindStorm Dooly

      The Dooly currently has approximately the equivalent power of two br400 @180mph and 485 cfm out each discharge tube simultaneously.
      I am hoping with a manufacturer they can tweak it a little and optimize it even more and reach 200mph and 550cfm out each tube simultaneously. I have prototype videos @


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        Hi TwinDooly,

        Is that your company?

        You gotta give us the low down on how all that was created. What an amazing looking product!
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