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Buying old vs. buying newer.

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  • Buying old vs. buying newer.

    I recently stopped to look at an older model jacobson 7 ft ride on zero turn. Looks good with only 800 hours. But it is really old. over 10 years i presume. It still works great. Well the guy that is trying to sell it says he has alot of people looking but say it is too old and they rather have a new one. Does that mean newer or brand new. I know with buying an old equipment means putting work into after purchase, but if it a steal why not if you need a mower. Why do some of these hot shot companies out there need nothing but new. I'm ok with buying used.

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    That is a very good question.

    It would be fascinating to do a study on it. I would venture to say that newer businesses tend to buy new more for ego. It just seems at times to difficult to resist the iron addiction. The need to buy more and more new equipment to make you feel better.

    At a certain point though when you are around for a few years you tend to go with newer equipment because you have a better feel for what you are doing and you are busy. You don't want to mess around with repairs as you would rather be out servicing properties.

    What is your view on why you are ok with buying used? Why do you feel you haven't gone out on a limb and financed a new piece of equipment?
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      Let me be the first to say there is a difference between buying USED and buying ABUSED equipment.

      But I don't have a problem buying used, letting someone else take the hit on the deprecation of a new piece of equipment. I'm not caught up with the hype of having the "latest and greatest" . Yes, there are some innovations that do make a difference, but far too many of them are simply marketing ploys that are directed at separating a buyer and his money.

      Now, this works for me and I also understand it is not a universal truth for everyone. I can see where a large company would want new. But as a single operator, working part time, making between $18-25K a year, used works well for me. Every piece of gas powered equipment on my trailer was purchased used. And the total cost for the WB, 2 push mowers, 2 trimmers, edger and blower AND trailer, was less than $1200. Keeping my overhead down keeps my rates low and allows me all the business I can handle.

      It works for me, but it might not work for everyone.


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        Buying used is not the worst thing if you know what your looking for.
        Rule no. 1 Do not buy used equipment from larger lawn/landscape company's.
        Generally their equipment is operated by many different people and lower wage people that don't give a damn about taking care of it because it's not their investment.( there are exceptions don't get me wrong but generally.)

        I have found some gems like my 2002 Toro Z Master 62" with 200 hours for $4500.00. That same mower listed at $9500.0 in 2002.

        The guy I bought it from was a solo and he used that thing for 1 account for 2 years.

        I found my 48" Wright Stander the same way. 2005 with 195 hours. The guy ran it for 1 apartment complex account. I paid $3700.00 for it.

        I can see the benefit to buying new especially for the larger company's.
        They can write the equipment off as well as have the dealer service them more regular.

        Another good way to purchase equipment is to buy low hour demmoes.
        I have purchased mowers with under 10 hours on them for a couple grand less than normal price plus you get the full factory warranty.
        There out there you just have to find them.


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          Lightly Used 48" Emark like new

          Not sure what you are looking for., I have a 48" Exmark in excellent condition. Half the price of new with Velke. Less than 50 hrs on machine Thanks


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            Not sure what you are looking for., I have a 48" Exmark in excellent condition. Half the price of new with Velke. Less than 50 hrs on machine Thanks
            This is exactly what I am talking about. That is a good mower for someone looking for commercial equipment at a reasonable cost.


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