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  • New Kohler Command Pro 15 Qssss

    I got a new Kohler Cv19T on my snapper walkbehind. The old engine use to be a Kawaski 12.5. It seems like the blades and the mower rotated faster with the kawasaki. How can I increase the motor speed on the Kohler???


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    Ok, first let me tell you to check your engines' suggested RPMs. What you will need to know before trying anything else is what RPM your current (new) engine was designed to run and what your old engine was designed to run. Now determine your current engine speed. What I would suggest doing is taking the mower to a shop and have them set the rpm to what it is supposed to be set at.

    With having a new engine installed let me caution you to be careful with the Max RPM adjustment since I doubt that you wish to risk destroying the new engine by over-revving. Most likely there are several ways to adjust the engine max RPM. Because of this, I can not really give you a "this is how you do it" answer and again suggest a shop do this task.

    Good luck,


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