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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Craig Borglum CID/CIC/CLIA. At Steve's invitation I'm here to answer any questions I can that you may have about how to incorporate irrigation repair into your lawn business.

    I'd like to start off by saying although highly efficient irrigation design is a complicated process, and installing new irrigation systems is real hard work, sprinkler repair is usually neither.

    By "usually" I mean that 90% of the time the repairs are uncomplicated and do not require digging all day.

    Most repairs are changing broken heads, repairing pipes, replacing valves, replacing timers, etc. These are easy tasks to learn.

    If a more complicated job comes up, such as re-designing some zones due to a swimming pool or driveway addition, you tell the client "I don't have time for a job of that size right now".

    Simple. It's not all or nothing.

    Offer a monthly system inspection in your service contract to rise above the "mow, blow and go" guys. A 1/4 acre lot, six zone inspection will take you around 15 minutes.

    I'll be offering a special price to Steve's readers real soon.

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    Great job. I'd love to see some of our forum members take you up on your training dvds and get themselves started in offering these services.

    I have a feeling they would really benefit from it.
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      I agree that irrigation repairs are easy.Can you guy help. I dont know what i need to do for an estimate. Should i do the estimate per zone or should i do the estimate for the parts then labor then the rental of the trencher.I have never used the machine. How long should i estimate Got 1 lined up now but havent given a price yet. Not a rush either.The design is figured out already.


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        I shy away from the bigger "need a trencher" type jobs.
        My personal experience has been that the quick $200-$500 jobs pay me a greater hourly wage.

        I take it you are adding zones to an existing system? Or are installing a new system?

        The dirt cheap guys around Central FL install new construction (no grass or sod) zones for $250-300 per zone, including everything.

        How they make any money is a mystery. Maybe a hundred bucks a day is a living to them. I prefer a hundred bucks an hour

        If I add a zone to an existing system, I usually charge $750. If they need to upgrade to a larger controller, thats extra.


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          I am quoting on the whole system from the ground up. Lawn zones. 4. Plus drippers for the three planting beds.


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            My advice would be to take your plan to John Deere Landscapes, or wherever you buy your parts, and ask them.

            Install prices vary wildly by region. They could give you a ballpark.

            What city are you in?


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              Hi Craig,

              Thanks for the help. I am from Merritt, British Columbia. What types of systems do you like workin with the most.


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                I like easy ones to repair!
                I would imagine in British Colombia, because of freezing, you use poly pipe systems. I've only run into one of those in my life because I live in Florida.


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                  What type of pipe do you use. The PVC piping is used up here. The systems get blown out with air in the fall. At least where it goes below zero. Do you have a favorite brand to work. I,m trying to find out if i can be a distributor in Merritt. An input can help me with this decision


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                    A PVC distributor? I think you mean an irrigation parts distributor.

                    Personally, in my view, "brick and mortar" stores are on the way out. Terrestrial real estate is down, and sinking (by "terrestrial" I mean "dirt" versus the internet).

                    I still use my JDL distributor, but more and more I buy supplies online. Type - lawn sprinkler parts - into Google and see what happens.

                    Internet real estate is going through the roof. "Beach front property", meaning page one of Google, is where the money is if you want to sell something.

                    Buy a domain that contains your keyword, install a wordpress on your server, and type your ### off.

                    Once you get to a page rank of 3 or 4, start selling.

                    My blog, a PR 5, and the number one return for -irrigation blog- on Google remains un-monetized.

                    Why? I'm waiting for the right offer. If I give Hunter or Rain Bird an exclusive when I go PR 6-7, I'll cash in.

                    Two of my three sites are #1 on Google for many, many keywords. The third is rocketing up the Alexa ladder.

                    I average around $500 a week in profit online. It helps, but I can't retire off of it. It's like a part time job.

                    When I take it (and I will) to $2500.00 a week, I'll sell my shovels!

                    Anyway, put your time and money into the future of selling, the internet. Work out of your house, anywhere in the world with high speed connections, and save the gas money.

                    I'll be talking to Steve soon about hosting an SEO section, where I can make you videos about how to make your site or blog #1 on Google.

                    Do you think the forum would be interested?

                    Let me know what you think.


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                      Yup irrigation supplier for merritt. I personally like to work with rainbird irrigation systems. They are simple to adjust compared to say nelson. Your input?


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                        Merritt doesn't have any irrigation supply stores? Where do contractors in Merritt get their supplies now? If not, you may be on to something.

                        I am not a fan of Toro or Nelsen irrigation supplies. I prefer Hunter and Rain Bird. However, a supply house should carry whatever the customer wants.

                        I would think that opening a supply house would be a very large investment. Have you worked in a supply house?

                        Does John Deere Landscapes, Ewing, or any of the big chains offer franchises? A franchise could be the way to go, as they already have systems and protocols in place.


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                          Nope merritt dose not have a irrigation supply. Try looking up Merritt, BC in google that may tell you how big Merritt is. Great place to live though. I think that the home hardware store has rain bird but thats it.


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                            "Livin in the sticks" is a good way to describe here. The way of the future defenatly the internet. Don't even know where to begin on starting a supply house?!


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                              I'm surprised there's no irrigation supply up there considering the agriculture...but I guess their systems are a lot different.


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