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    I am doing a paver driveway, i have often heard that stonedust/screenigs is not what to use on driveways and i should use concrete sand does anyone have a answers?

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    Not knowing what part of the country your from or where, the best base for drive way pavers is"

    2" of lime stone 57's with dust (not Clean 57's)(the rock's will be from 1/2 to 1" in Dia.)

    2" of lime stone slag or crushed pavers, this material is ground fine (not like sand)

    this is the best way to create a solid base for drive ways make sure you use a plate compactor over each base level.

    then use your leveling sand (fine Sand) about 1" thick,

    After your pavers and edging are in place use the plate compactor over the pavers I normally do 3-4 passes over the entire surface, you can use polymeric sand to fill the cracks between the pavers this material will prevent anits and weeds from spaces between the pavers.

    If your in a area that has a sandy soil you can use 4" of the slag in place of the 2 x 2 listed above.

    Good Luck


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