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Bladerunners lawn care goes synthetic

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  • Bladerunners lawn care goes synthetic

    We have seen a bunch of articles on synthetic turf. Jeff really seems to have made some good money on this "His foray into this sector has paid off with nearly $100,000 in additional business in both 2005 and 2006. "

    Not bad for an add on service. This might be hard to get into if you are just starting out, but I thought I would pass this along if you are looking for another niche in the industry.

    Chipping away - Synthetic putting greens provide alternative income source for lawn-care company - Fern Creek business owner Jeff Winter has spent his share of time atop lawn mowers.

    And after years of landscaping, he still enjoys working in the open air alongside his Bladerunners Lawn Service Inc. crew.

    But it has become increasingly difficult to make a profit in the lawn-care niche **** competition is stiff, and profit margins are declining because of higher fuel prices and labor costs.

    So Winter has looked for additional ways to generate revenue.

    That goal prompted Winter to begin marketing and installing synthetic putting greens about three years ago.
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    Excellent work! Good on you Jeff, and your revenue will probably grow more and more as the years go on.
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      Is there any more info about this synthetic turf. I was asked before for this type of work but I said I have no clue on how to install it.

      I need more info on this, I want to give it a try to practice and better my skill in this field. Im sure is not hard, I just need to know whats under that turf, the shape of the area and how much for the square feet or the yard.


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