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Lawn care permit?

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  • Lawn care permit?

    Should a person who doesn't have a license to mow a lawn be charged with a disorderly persons offense?

    What about minors? Should the same thing apply to them?

    Proposed bill aims to elevate industry services by requiring licenses. - People working without the proper license would be subject to a disorderly persons offense, according to the proposal.

    A teen trying his hand at the landscape business also would need a license. The only exception is if he or she is working under the care of a licensed contractor, or is in school to study horticulture, according to the proposal.

    "The kid mowing the lawns on the weekend **** does he have insurance? Probably not," said Carl Nordstrom, executive director of the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association. "If that guy gets hurt on your property your lawn, you're in trouble."
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    I could agree with this, This would help stop the LOW BALLING.


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      I agree.... if the kid next door wants to make some spare cash, let them wash your car....

      Oh wait... watering ban... strike that idea...

      Maybe they could pick up dog poop?


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