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  • Big Equipment Sale

    Hey guys,
    Im launchin some stuff
    Since I now have A new head in command for my company, we decided to split the cost of a few things.
    I just got a new inclosed trailer for spring so my open trailer is for sale. Its in good shape, has some racks, wood flooring.

    Only problem is I do not have the title.
    This was given to me years ago by my father, and he didnt have it either.

    We got two new rider mowers, so my bobcat 48" (they say its 52" but i beg to differ) is for sale. This mower is a great buy because It was maintained to absolute perfection. And the walk behinds bever got used much, everyone prefers the riders. It comes with a wheel to stand on.

    Backpack blower
    2 weedeaters
    plate compactor
    a beautifull tree cart that has never moved since I bought it, I dont really deal with big trees, and every time I have, I didnt have the cart with me.
    and a bunch of misc. hand tools, two ext. ladders.

    Basically, to be quite honest, Im unloading just about one entire storage unit of stuff that just sits.

    Ill have pricing info. and pics up tonight.
    Heading down to the storage unit now to do an inventory check.

    if interested, call

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    where are you located at?

    What are the specifics with the equipment? Do you have any pictures?


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      Im in Blairstown NJ
      I actually got in later than planned, and it was already dark, so I will be takin pics in the morning. Ill have pics and descriptions, and pricing available before tomorrow ends.

      why you interested


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        It really depends on what you have and the prices. To be honest with you, even if I want something I probably won't be making the drive anytime soon. The reason that I won't be able to get down anything soon is my wife and I are waiting by the phone for her grandmother to pass away from cancer. It is supposed to happen any time within the next 2 weeks, to 2 months. Once that happens, we have to be on a plane out of Detroit to Alberta by the next day.


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          Oh I am very sorry to hear that!
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            Thanks, I appreciate it


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              Wow, that is horrible. I always hate that kind of news.
              here is the link to everything thats for sale
              let me know if your interested in anything, I could always hold things with a deposit


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                give me an email:

                I might be interested in either the WB blower or back pack blower


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