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Trees help you save energy

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  • Trees help you save energy

    Here is a lot of useful information on how plants can help lower your energy bill. Can you imagine pulling out these facts when you are trying to sell an installation project? These facts could really help you seal the deal.

    Use plants to cut energy costs - The cold temperatures and the cost of fuel make you start thinking of ways to reduce your energy costs. One of the ways is to add some features to your landscape to reduce the energy it takes to heat and cool your home. Some estimate that you can reduce your energy costs by 10 percent to 25 percent through landscaping. Some of the modifications may not cost very much.

    First of all, windbreaks will help reduce heating costs. Our prevailing winds in the winter are from the north and northwest so windbreaks to the north and northwest of your home, in a L or U shape, will help reduce the effect of the wind on your heating costs. If you have room, they should be 50 feet from the area to be protected. Windbreaks are effective for about four to six times the height of the trees.
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